Expert System for Masts, Chimneys and Towers

Software EXMACT has been developed for analysis of tall slender structures as towers and chimneys, especially in accordance with European standards. It serves as a quick and efficient tool for designers of these structures. The software allows full dynamic approach for the structure response determination.

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Monopoles, chimneys

The software includes straight and tapered monopoles or chimneys, assessment of tubes or circle shells and flange connection.

Lattice towers

The software enables analysis of square and triangular lattice towers. Three-dimensional bar model is used. Predefined lattice structural systems allow quickly and efficiently create a model of the tower.

Guyed masts

Analysis of guyed masts is currently under construction and testing.


The software used following computational methods:

Spectral analysis is a robust tool for slender structures and the structures with significant dynamic response. Due to spectral analysis, EXMACT can analyze structures that do not meet criteria for equivalent static methods.


EXMACT can create a report by filling one of the prepared report templates. Several report templates are ready for you. You can easily create your own report template by modifying one of the prepared templates using Microsoft Word.


Available standards: Under construction:

Other standards or Eurocode national annexes can be incorporated upon request.


Automatic generation of loads is implemented for


Assessment according to relevant standards is prepared for